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Conquering the climb by bicycle

Tips for Conquering Climbs using Bicycles. Welcome cycling tips to meet friends - friends goweser all in gowespedia.com. Practical – hopefully we are all always endowed with physical and spiritual health, happy, prosperous the Almighty.

Speaking of health, this time Gowespedia wants to share gw's experience in bicycle sports. Maybe poly temen - people who like gowes (including me, hehehe) feel frightened when the route that goes through bicycle time is an incline.

Don't worry, in this article Gowespedia will share 10 tips on conquering the climb by bicycle. These tips are from my firsthand experience, hehehe. So apologize if something doesn't fit. Here are 10 tips. Get to know our bikes

Recognizing a bicycle does not only mean knowing the characteristics according to our bicycle. What is meant to recognize our bicycle in article 10 tips on conquering climbs with this bike is about its use.

Each bike has its own character. Therefore, we must know how to compromise with the advantages and disadvantages of our bicycles.

On the climb, we must know how to treat our bicycles. For example, we must understand how to move the gear ratio of our bicycles efficiently. Many goweser problems fail to conquer the climb just because of the time when moving teeth experience cases.

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. Know our strengths

The second tip is, we must know the strength of our lungs and lungs. Do not force if it is already unable, because it can cause fatal things, fall for example. Well, if that's the case, we don't get healthy, hehehhe. In addition to the breath and breath, the heartbeat must also be considered. The number of heartbeats per minute can be one of the benchmarks for measuring our strength.

Ideally, our maximum heart rate is 220- our age. So when we are 20 years old, our maximum heart rate is 200 beats per min (BPM). Therefore, if the cycling time of our heart rate is close to the number 180 and above, try to rest first. A heart that works too hard can cause the risk of heart failure and can be fatal.

Oh yes, to measure the number of heartbeats, we can use a Heart Rate Monitor. Currently this device has been able to use easily we get. Some have been integrated using our cylocomputer devices, many of which are in the form of watches or features on smart watches.

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. Get to know the terrain/route

To be able to conquer the climb, we better know the terrain / route of the climb we go through. By knowing the route, we can set tactics so that we can conquer the climb.

Many things 'fail nanjak' scattered do not know the terrain. They were eager to bulldoze the incline as soon as possible, so in the beginning of the climb had exerted all the energy. Even though the climb is still very far away, and the energy of the climb time is not over.

So the point is, by knowing the route taken, we can estimate in sync using our abilities and our bicycles. We can manage when to rest, when to use a light tooth ratio, and so on. Exercise

Yep, the absolute crucial tip to do is exercise. This exercise is certainly related to using our stamina. The climb is a route that drains the goweser's poly stamina.

No matter how good the bike that friends use, memorize whatever terrain, or no matter how good the tactics applied, as long as we never exercise or lack exercise, surely the results will not be satisfactory.

Therefore we must be active in training. For the training menu, everyone has other methods. But if I am, the first one I train is cadence or a lap of pedal wood.

Cadence is crucial to keep our bike running even if it uses low speed (the reason is in point no. 5). Usually I practice by keeping the wooden rotation around 90 - 100 revolutions per min using a light gear ratio. The combination of light tooth ratio & high cadence can save the energy we use. Use the right gear ratio

Using the perfect gear ratio or combination is the next thing we must do. Meaning 'perfect' here is, the gear ratio we adjust using our abilities. Do not follow / cheat the gear ratio of others, because if the strength of the person is above us, it is possible for us to be too heavy & will drain our energy, as a result we run out of energy before reaching zenit.

Tips based on me, use a light gear ratio (but not too light), and use a faster leg rotation for example that I have written in point 4. Why? On an uphill road, what is needed is not to detonate power momentarily (for example during a sprint), but more to endurance. Wood with more high rpm with a light gear ratio can save power than using slow wood with heavy gear. Therefore, high rpm exercise in point 4 is highly expected. Save energy

Basically, in a bicycle, energy saving is indispensable in any type of road (except when approaching the finish, it will generally expend the maximum possible power). Therefore, the tactic of regulating energy is very necessary, lest in the moment when the route has not been completed, our energy has been exhausted as a result of not being able to finish.

Do not be provoked to estimate our energy at the beginning of the climb. This is done a lot by goweser. They expended some of the power in the beginning of the climb & energy propheticity not long after.

It is better to walk slowly first, if it is felt that our energy is relative to be shifted to the finish, please do it. But for beginners who can't guess yet – calculate the energy, my advice is to start using slowly and improve it little by little if possible, otherwise, bear not to be provoked by emotions.

In addition, take advantage if there is an opportunity for recovery / rest, rest here does not mean stopping, but reducing the tempo. For example, in an incline we encounter a rather flat road, well that's where we use it for recovery, can use lightening gear ratio or reduce the rpm of wood. Focus

Focus on your wood, don't be distracted by the sweet girl next to you yes, later can kiss the road, hehehe. Keeping the emphasis keeps our energy from being wasted. In addition, if we focus, at least we can reduce the risk of accidents or giving up in the middle of the road. To reduce the risk when an accident occurs, we are also obliged to use a bicycle helmet.

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8. Don't always look ahead

It's not a metaphor, yes, but looking forward really. You know why? yes, actually this is to maintain our mentality anyway, so that we do not give up in the middle of the battlefield to tame the climb (halah).

If we always look ahead, then we will see that the climb in front of the steep, the climb is still long, and so on.

It's nothing , but those things for most will cause our intention to give up and eliminate the spirit.

By looking down or the front tire, we can keep our minds based on the terms – the term surrender. But, do not look down continuously, because we are moving forward, so we still have to be aware of what is in front of us. Patient

The climb tests our patience, because most climbs must be passed using low speed. If we are not steadfast and immediately move at high speed, then almost certainly we will run out of energy in the middle of the route.

Even cyclists of chris Froome's caliber who are popular climbing heroes remain steadfast when climbing. He would wait for his opponent to be exhausted first only then dart in when that was perfect. If not stoic, I don't think there's any way Froome can win the world's most prestigious cycling event, the Tour de France.

Therefore it is better for us to be patient using low but continuous speeds rather than using high speed continuous drops. If the Javanese term alon - alon waton nantion (slowly – slowly origin realized). Self-motivation

Self-motivation is needed in all areas. Likewise when facing climbs. We have to confirm that we are capable of conquering the climb.

There are many ways that cyclists can motivate themselves. Some make his friend who is more senior age a reference. Pro athletes also often shout at the time of the race to motivate him. One of the most popular is Jens Voigt, who often shouts at his feet using the terms "shut up legs....!!!".


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