15 Bike Tips and Tricks: Bike Hack 1

Have you ever experienced a broken bicycle on a deserted road or forest alone? Forgetfulness of carrying a spare tire, or a mobile phone entering water? There are poly unexpected incidents that we can experience a fun and unpleasant cycling time.

The following bike tips & tricks will make your life easier when cycling. There are also some suggestions to make it easier to maintain bicycles. Frozen drinking water

When cycling in the middle, the sun stings, and sweat floods your body, which is imagined only cold water or your favorite energy drink that is able to release thirst and restore energy again. No need to go to a café or minimarket, the cold drink is able to be produced on our bicycles. How: a day or before cycling, fill the drinking bottle with drinking water of 2/3 bottle capacity. When going cycling, take the drinking bottle and fill the rest using drinking water normally, so that we have cold water that we can drink & also water will accelerate the melting of frozen ice in the bottle. After a few days while cycling, cold water can be drunk at any time, & if there is ice, can be added other drinks as a result of rapid cold. Frozen drinking bottles. Where bottles drink saggy

Depending on the intensity of use, the storage of drinking bottles or bottle cages in the framework of bicycles is generally as slightly loose, and if inserted the bottle creates sounds because it vibrates. To avoid it without the need to buy a new drinking bottle cantolan, coat the part on the bottle storage site using thick duct tape, so that the bottle can be attached tightly and no more sound. Duct tape

Duct tape is very helpful to improve on anything, especially for something temporary. Broken bicycle helmets, broken parts, leaking tires can be covered while using duct tape. There is no need to carry one full roller everywhere, relatively cut into short pieces, fold it towards the glue, then roll or fold more mini again. The folds of this mini duct tape can be inserted in the hidden shape of the bicycle as below the seat post, or inside the storage site of the drinking bottle for example on top. It will be very useful for emergency repairs when something happens in the middle of the journey. Wearing sunscreen

Using sunblock or sunscreen to protect the skin burned from the sun is indeed a beautiful inspiration. But never use sunscreen on the face or head above the eyes. Sweat or rain when cycling will shed sunscreen and bring it into the eyes, taste such as eye inserted soapy water. To avoid heat and protect the skin of the eye surface, bicycle helmets or hats can be worn. Mark seat post

To receive a height saddle that suits us sometimes requires when and some experiment. If you can, mark it with a marker, sticker, or scratch. Often we are obliged to fold the bike, clean or repair the bike, to the workshop, borrowed people, which makes the saddle position change. When marked, it will take a while longer to adjust the saddle in our ideal position. Tire Boot

Tire boot is a material used to close a gap in a torn bicycle tire. Can use money, food packaging, duct tape, or special tire boot products. When the bicycle tire is torn or broad relatively large, on the side generally (side wall cut), the tire on which has a pressurized wind will protrude out, pressing towards the broad outer tire, can until the tire is broken / exploded, or the tire in its shape as strange.

To overcome this, close the torn outer tire with a layer that is enough to delay the inner tire so that it does not press out. Tireboot is not to patch the tire on, but to close the part based on the torn outer tire. Tire boot is only for interim ad restoration until we are at the site where bicycle tires can be replaced. Tire boot using money7. Backup derailleur hanger

Although sporadic occurs, but for some people derailleur hanger as a part that is not uncommon to be hit and damaged. Carrying derailleur hanger parts is not so burdensome, but it would be helpful if this situation occurs. The shape is small, can be stored in a bag, or tucked in the gap of the bicycle frame. Derailleur Hanger backup8. Cleaning driverain

To make a shiny and loncer bike drivetrain, you don't need to use expensive special bicycle equipment. Simply prepare a toothbrush, shoelaces and foam/sponge. Brush your teeth to brush to the outside on the sprocket, bicycle chain, rear derailleur, pulley. Bicycle straps can be inserted to clean the part on the chain or cassette and narrow gaps while being pulled to erode the dirt. Foam/sponge is used to polish and scrape these parts. Wedge the bike, and turn the wheels and chains, relatively delay the foam in one position, and the moving part will be cleaned the foam earlier. Powder

When going to install a new inner tire, add the tire to the plastic, sprinkle it with powder (baby powder is usually more slippery), & stir the tires and powder on the plastic earlier, so that the inner tire surface will be shrouded in powder. When inserting the inner tire into the bicycle tire, the tire will be more slippery and dampang to be tucked into the tire bike. Smelly shoes

Bicycle shoes that are wet, sweaty and moist will certainly quickly make a bad smell. To reduce the odor in the shoes, every time you cycle using the shoes, open the insole (layer of footprints) if possible, then insert and sumpal with used newspaper or homogeneous paper that absorbs, to catch the smell and moisture in the bicycle shoes earlier.If you want, it can be fired with a hair dryer for a while (if worn can create stretchy shoes), to speed up the drying of moisture and odor based on the shoes. Stem Hole

Stem bikes generally have cavities in them. The empty space can be used as a secret storage site for mini items that can be useful in certain circumstances, such as money, tire patches, keys or anything that still fits in it. Don't forget to save & bring the opening key when cycling. Cycling as calm as we know there are objects that can save on our bikes. Inner tires on handlebars

Used inner tires are very much the advantages. One of them is paired on a handlebar to dampen vibrations and create a stickier grip. Same for example bar tape, but tires on the used are free. Tires on replacing bar tape handlebars13. Presta-Schrader Adapter

Depending on the type of tire pentil our bicycle (can be presta or schrader), this adapator will be very useful when the bicycle tire is flat, and there is only a bicycle pump that does not fit our bicycle tires. Not always we can get a pump that is in sync with our tire type, and can be a workshop also does not have this converter. The shape is small, can be stored and hidden anywhere. Presta-Schrader14 bike pentil adapter. Ziploc

Ziploc or tight plastic bags will always be useful when cycling. To store a mobile phone or wallet, because the sweat of cycling time is enough to create a wallet & mobile phone drenched. Especially if it rains, or we get into a watery cycling area. This mini-impermeable plastic bag can save our valuables. Zip lock makes waterproof15. Swap tires

The rear tire is generally bald faster than the front tire. When it starts to bald, if the front and rear tires are the same size, just swap the front tire to the rear, and the rear tire to the front. The same is for example, the tires of four-wheeled vehicles rotated in the workshop. In order to keep the tire in the same condition between the front and rear, & if it must be replaced, it will be replaced simultaneously.

If you have any tips and bike hacks, please comment below.


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