20 Tips for Bicycle Training Techniques for Beginners

What is the difference between cycling and training? Cycling is ultimately just for yourself, in the sense that there is no greater purpose. While training is what happens when you want to be more based on just cycling. Do you want to cycle faster or farther, or maybe 2 - 2? Well to achieve this goal and need the right exercise techniques, not just cycling. For those of you who are just beginners, practice the following 20 bike training technique tips to get maximum output. Start cycling against the wind. In this way, when you have run out of energy, you will be helped by the wind from behind when you turn around.If it is likened to a four-wheeled vehicle or motorcycle, do not step on the gas before the engine is heated. This means that it takes approximately 20 minutes to pedal the bike lightly before you feel ready to start actual bike training. It would be better if you stretch before cyclingThe best way to recuperate after a hard bike workout is a relaxing bike the next day. Most beginners energize on one day then the next day a complete break. Try cycling quietly the next day. Use the opportunity to cycle with family or friends who generally cycle slowly.Be wary of mental stress, in addition to physical stress due to exercise. Instill in yourself, especially when you feel very tired, that you are able to pedal a little more, a little more, don't personally stop when your mind conveys you are tired. Because basically our body is able to adjust, so the key is in the mind.Practice on the roller to create a pedaling style. Not for example resistance trainer, roller makes you balance the bike. This tool forces you to concentrate on pedaling completely. The same is true when you ride a fixie bike.Whether your rest time is filled using training on a roller or resistance trainer, make sure the exercise in the room is relatively intensive to raise your heart rate to 70-80 percent according to its maximum ability for approximately 30 minutes each training session It's okay for you to rest for a while according to cycling routine, but please remember not to let your cardiovascular system not trained.The key to practicing a bicycle with the sense of heart rate monitoring is to know the maximum rate of your heart per min. You can estimate using your age reduction based on 220. For example, you are 30 years old, the heart rate of the aporisma is 190. But it would be better if you get a sress or VO2 max test. Once you get the harsilnya, exercise becomes a matter of percentage, using the following four levels of activity: (1) Less than 65% based on the maximum heart rate to increase the recovery speed (two) 75 percent based on the maximum heart rate to form aerobic resistance (three) 85% based on the heart rate of action to approach your lactate threshold, which is the point where aerobic improvement is greatest (4) 95 - 100 percent,Do it in a short time to train sprints, attack other riders, chase racers at the front, and others.Only a few things in this life are undoubted, one of them: if you routinely practice in a range between 65 and 85% according to the maximum heart rate, you will be as fit as possible.When practicing a bicycle using concentration on the heart rate, you do not need to worry about exercises that require the use of exclusive gear. Your heart will not know what gear you are using. Do what you need to get the intensity you want. The selection of gears will change over time as you get fitter, the higher the gear you need to reach a high level of pulse.If you don't have a heart rate monitor, calculate the heart rate manually on the carotid artery in the neck. Find with your index finger perfect next to your Adam's apple. or you can also check the radial artery on your wrist using your thumb. In the meantime, set aside a little of your money. Currently poly wearables at affordable prices, based on xiaomi for exampleTo calculate the wood or rotation of the pedal per min, count the number of right feet touching the base of the pedal for 15 sk and then multiply by 4.Keep a smooth, yet fast, woodwork during practice. Road cyclists turn the pedals as much as 90 rpm or more to maintain flexibility and flexibility to take part. Using a lot of cycling on medium gear, the ability that has been trained to pedal helps cyclists change to the grand gear using the same fast wood which will certainly produce speed.Combine energy and softness by pulling each pedal home each time your foot passes the bottom of the wood. Just imagine for example you are scraping something loose based on the base of your shoe.If you don't like the hills very much, try to like them. Just do it. There is no more natural way to get a fit body than cycling to the hill regularly. Rest assured that going uphill will be easier because doing so helps you improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and better techniques.When doing endurance cycling exercises, do two sprints for 15 s every 30 minutes or so. It will relieve saddle pressure, stretch your body, increase variety, and develop a little speed.During exercise, take about 5 mins twice a week after cycling to do serious simple exercises on the surface body, such as pull ups, push ups, and sit ups.Don't be afraid to make it once a time wearing a big gear. Wait until you are hot & conditions allow (there is a stern wind or long descent), then do it. In addition to enjoying the power and speed created, you will create the expected power when the wind turns against you or the road goes uphill.To increase fitness and reduce the boredom of cycling in the room, play around using a heart rate monitor. Force it to 140 bpm (then recovery), 150 bpm recovery, then 160 bpm. For moderate-intensity exercises, cross between 130 and 150. For higher intensity, try to reach the lactate threshold or even five bpm on it.If your best friend or partner is cycling too slowly, use a tandem bike. You can pedal as fast as you please, without having to leave them.Tired of your training route? Cycle with the reversed path. You will be amazed how different the experience you enjoyed

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