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Bobobox.co.id — Cycling is now the fault of one sport that is trending at this time. No wonder if you are able to find people cycling on the highway now - nowadays.

However, lately, this calorie-burning sport is relatively often condemned by netizens in public media such as Twitter. The reason is, many cyclists who actually do not obey the rules to endanger themselves and others.

Well, to avoid this, Bob will try to put some cycling advice that should be known to the cyclists. This is intended so that you are conducive when doing this sport on the highway.

Don't linger anymore, here are 7 cycling tips recommended from Bob that you need to know. Don't forget to apply when you are going cycling on the highway! Check The Condition of the Bike

The first cycling tip is to check the condition of the bike in top condition before using it. In fact, this one cycling tip is actually a must that you should not miss.

The condition of the bike will prevent you based on things that are not desirable. You can take care of the condition of your bicycle in a smooth manner, for example, once every three days or once a week.

Activities to maintain the requirements of the bicycle itself include checking the bike chain that is clean of dirt and not saggy, brakes that are fast, to check whether the bicycle tire is not deflated and even leaking.

To keep the bike conditions to stay good, don't forget to also make occasionally bring your bike to a special bicycle workshop. Professionals are certainly expected to really make sure your bike is permanently in good condition.

Use Recommended Equipment

Similar to when riding a motorcycle, you also have to use the recommended equipment to maintain your safety and security when cycling.

In these cycling tips, there are some equipment that you must use. Some of these equipment include cycling-specific helmets, gloves, knee protection, and additional items such as drinking bottles.

In using cycling equipment, also make sure the terrain that you will pass during cycling. The point is that the equipment will be out of sync according to the existing conditions.

Let's say, you will ride at night. You certainly need additional equipment such as lights on the back of the bike to maintain your safety when cycling.

Almost on many highways have been marked by the presence of bicycle lanes. Even so, almost all bike lanes in Indonesia are just a sign that not specific lanes are built for cyclists.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many bike lanes are occupied by four-wheeled vehicles for parking. You are also of course required to anticipate dangerous things that go into the next cycling tips.

For example, there is a person who suddenly opens the door of a car that is parked. You can also hit the car door that opened earlier or maybe even the person who just closed the car door.

For this reason, Bob suggests reaching a distance of 1.five meters based on a four-wheeled vehicle that is parked. This assumption is aimed at ascertaining whether there is someone in the car.via velonews.com Make sure it is always visible to other drivers.

The next cycling tip is to make sure that you are always seen by other riders starting based on the rider of the car or motorcycle. There are several underlying reasons.

There are several ways you can do to make other drivers look. One of them is to use brightly colored clothes and or clothes that have a reflective surface.

Bright colors using effective surfaces in the bike will help you to look good using others. This will be more useful when you cycle on the highway at night or foggy weather.

In addition to using sandang with a bright hue, you can also install lights on the front and back of the bike to make sure other riders can always see you.

As you already know, the highway belongs to all people, be it pedestrians to cyclists. This certainly makes you who want to cycle on the highway to obey the budget of traffic signs.

This one cycling tip itself must certainly be done because it is able to prevent you from things that will harm you and even other riders if you violate the existing budget.

Some budgets that you should pay attention to are not running red lights, overtaking vehicles from the left, and using the sidewalk or shoulder of the road because it will endanger pedestrians.

All these things must be done for your comfort & safety while cycling on the highway. So, do not heed the tips cycling recommendations according to Bob this one yes.

Use Hand Gestures for More Cycling Tips

Without a marker light to turn for example on a motorcycle, cyclists will certainly have difficulty in placing indications to the vehicle behind them.

For that, hand gestures as an error one of the most useful things for cycling for you to know. The reason is, some of these hand signals can help you in indicating something when cycling.

One of the things you should know is a hand gesture to turn. You can raise your left hand to put a pity that you will turn or change bike lanes.

In addition, there are some other hand gestures based on these cycling tips that you should know. Learning hand gestures does need to be done so that your cycling activities are more conducive and comfortable.via sigmasports.com Do not Use Earphones

The last cycling tip for cycling using conducive on the highway is to not use earphones or other similar musical equipment. This is a dangerous thing to do.

It must be admitted when using earphones when driving vehicles such as motorcycles and bicycles is certainly exciting. It is the favorite songs that remove the boredom that may perch when cycling on the highway.

Although exciting, in fact, using earphones to listen to music when cycling will make you not emphasize. You will have difficulty listening to the horn or gestures from other riders.

As a result, the risk of accidents will actually be higher. You certainly don't want that thing to happen to you, right? For that, Bob suggests not to use earphones when cycling later yes!via bicyclelawyer.comInap using Qualified Rest Quality? Yes on Bobobox

After cycling on the highway using safely, you certainly need a quality of rest that is qualified. The reason is, your energy has been drained to cycle for hours.

One of the lodgings that are recommended in putting the quality of rest you need is Bobobox. This capsule hotel itself provides qualified facilities and is guaranteed to provide qualified peace of mind.

Wondering what kind of comfort you will get? Download the Bobobox application here to place an order & receive more information about other facilities that will be obtained during your stay at Bobobox.


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