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Mountain climbing activities have been known as one of the activities that are popular among young people today. Not only because they are looking for beautiful scenery, they also have other motivations in doing activities. However, it turns out that not a few who just follow the trend and previously had no experience at all.

But is this safe when done by amateur climbers?

Everyone must experience the first time for things, even mountaineering. Climbing the mountain for the first time must certainly be prepared using well, so that the climb runs smoothly. As long as you have done adequate physical, mental, & equipment preparation, ideally the climb can run smoothly. if possible, invite your friend who has ever climbed to the destination mountain!

Well, some of these simple suggestions you can use into basic preparations. Do not forget, if you are hesitant always consult using a friend or a more experienced person. Climbing Is Not Just About UphillSource:Eiger Adventure

Physical preparation needs to be done intensively if you previously had no experience in climbing mountains. Cardio exercises, leg strength and equilibrium, and lung capacity, try to be trained using well so that you can have the strength needed to achieve zenit. But sporadically realized, climbing the mountain is not just about walking uphill.

The load & challenge is greater precisely located in the moment of descending the track when returning based on zenit. The feet will bear a greater burden, as well as being required to maintain equilibrium better. So while practicing for an uphill track, practice and strength and balance for the track to decline. Always Be Prepared to Use Natural Conditions

When you come and try to conquer one mountain, you also have to be prepared for all the possibilities that occur. One that is relatively difficult to predict may be the weather and fluctuating temperatures in the mountain area. So it's a good idea to always bring a sandang thick enough to warm up, or wear it with materials that can withstand the rush of strong winds.

Natural conditions that suddenly deteriorate will require a perfect attitude. Find shelter, or set up a tent in a conducive area, and keep the body temperature permanently warm so as not to experience impaired function. All this must be prepared carefully. Indeed, there is not always a situation like this, but in preparation, this is mandatory. Heavy and Light FoodSource:freepik.com

In addition to preparing physically and clothing, you are also obliged to bring enough culinary and drinks. Plan how outdated the climb will run, and consult using an experienced person. At least, give more preparation for 1 or two days according to the plan that has been made.

The food brought is not only heavy culinary such as instant noodles or rice or the like, but also light culinary. Protein bars or nutrient-rich snacks can be an option to help restore energy when climbing mountains, food for example is easy to consume without preparation, and easily absorbed nutrients by the body.

Foods rich in carbohydrates, protein, and other nutrients are highly recommended for climbing consumption. Also Plan a Rest Schedule

Not only continue to walk and climb, you also should plan when resting and walking the ideal. The goal is simple, so that the body is able to get a little cooling during the uphill. Do not let you force too much, and make the body become tired quickly or injured.

Rest done as much as possible disciplined. This means that when it is scheduled only five or 10 mins, then the completion when it runs out must immediately move back. Rest that is too long can create a 'lazy' body dabbling, & fatigue feels more and more as. Do not forget to also weaken the shoulders & back, and the legs that serve as the pedestal of your footing. Don't Complain! Source: freepik.com

All mountaineers always experience fatigue at one point, and have the mind to end the climb. However, as much as possible should not let any complaints be expressed.

Because complaining can bring bad effects for the mental condition of you and your fellow climbers. When hearing complaints that come out based on a person's mouth, then gradually the mind will continue to be carried away to be negative. Fatigue is increasingly felt, motivation decreases, and physical strength will also decrease. So to keep the spirit, just swallow your complaints & turn your mind to the scenery & fresh air more or less! Remember the Trash when Climbing the Mountain

The last tip for beginner climbers, in this case you, is to always pay attention to the garbage or waste you produce. For dry waste in the form of food wrappers, always take it home downstairs or put it in the available garbage site. For wet garbage, position it in a non-visible place on the outside of the hiking trail. Don't Forget to Always Start All with PrayerSource:freepik.com

It may sound very old-fashioned and classic, but it's important to start all the climbing activities with prayer. In addition to asking for the blessing of both parents and God Almighty, praying can also provide inner comfort during the trip. There is no harm in always expressing excuses or saying greetings to the heart every time you come to a site that feels unfamiliar.

Climbing the mountain is not only able to be a fun and challenging recreational vehicle, but become a form of gratitude for what has been given in the nature of Indonesia. Of course, the climb will be more optimal when equipped with the best equipment according to Eiger Adventure. Complete, high standard, and has many types for all purposes, Eiger Adventure always gives the best for you!


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