9 Tips to Climb a Mountain That Must Be Known for Beginners

Tips for Mountain Climbing for Beginners – lately the activity of climbing mountains is only done by nature lovers, but favorite activities are carried out among young people who generally consist of students & students. Many of them have experience in climbing mountains, but not a few are not so active in using this one activity. Most based on those who are still newbies on the business of mountain climbing have more motivation to climb because they may want to try a new experience that is full of challenges and not a few of them are shown off beautiful photos of the nature of the mountain according to friends who have just climbed the mountain as a result they have dreams to climb the mountain after seeing their photos. But climbing the mountain to be able to reach zenit is not an easy case.

According to my experience, I completed several times climbing the mountain, many climbers who did not reach the destination alias nir to the intended peak. I as a writer have experienced this because of lack of preparation. If that has happened then there is only regret. But take it easy I will share tips on mountain climbing for beginners that must be done in order to get to zenit. Okay personally just to the tips to climb the mountain for beginners : 1. Exercise leg muscles & balance

Activities to train the leg muscles can be done by running in the morning or evening, routinely tried to be done a week before climbing. This activity aims to train the leg muscles so as not to be surprised at climbing the mountain considering that the track that must be passed is not easy. But do not worry if you are able to routinely do this activity, tracks that are as difficult as anything you can pass easily. In addition to running in the morning there is also a thing that you must practice, namely balance. To practice balance, it can be done with mini gymnastics such as standing for a while using one leg. This activity is ideally done after the morning or afternoon run you have done.  If you run in the morning or evening & small gymnastics you have done regularly, you have passed the initial term on the preparation of mountain climb for beginners.

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Health is the most vital thing in the process of mountaineering, just imagine if you go up the mountain in a state of not fit. According to my experience, in the past when going up the mountain sindoro there was an error of one of my friends in a state of not fit reckless to go up the mountain, alahasil my friend stopped in the middle of the road alias not until. Not only that, in the time of walking my friend's friend it only makes it difficult for other climbers because it hinders the journey and continues to complain. Of course you don't want it to happen to you, but take it easy I have tips so that this thing does not happen that is tried not to sleep too late at night a week before climbing the mountain and sleeping relatively. Equipment that must be carried when climbing the mountain

After the physical preparation has been done now just prepare the equipment that must be brought when you want to climb the mountain. Mountain climbing equipment is also something that you should prepare using well, capable of fatal consequences if you do not prepare the tools that you will bring. The story of the experience is again hehehe, because based on experience we will learn. In the past when I first climbed the mountain I paid less attention to preparing mountain climbing tools. As a result, the mountain climbing activities that I did were not as beautiful as imagined because of the lack of equipment. Of course, this does not want to happen in you, right. Well then according to that here are the tools that must be carried when climbing the mountain. The first is jackets, gloves, headgear, mountain shoes, socks, grand bags, small bags, sleeping bags, tents, mattresses, flashlights, sticks to lighten the body load, mantomatic, mountain processing equipment when needed & without forgetting that is the camera for selfies on mountain 😀 zenit. Remember before going up the mountain you first check your equipment. Consumption That Must Be Brought by sindoro mountains

Consumption is one of the important things in the process of climbing the mountain. I used to fail to the top because I ran out of consumption. Well here are the consumption that you must bring, namely two bottles of water containing 1.5L, Bread, Rice + side dishes if necessary, instant noodles, chocolate to increase your energy when climbing, coffee or the like and spare water. It is a staple consumption that I must carry when climbing the mountain.

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When climbing the mountain is also not perfunctory in walking, surely you do not want bad things to happen to you. Yes I will make tips for walking on the difficulty of mountain tracks. That is to use the feet always flexible every time you get your feet on the ground and stay focused in a foothold. If your legs are stiff then the possibility of injury can occur and it will damage you in the process of climbing.

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6. Don't be embarrassed to ask to stop if you are tired

As a beginner climber, of course, the ability to climb nir for example those who have become accustomed, then you do not need to make a shame to say tired and ask to stop for a moment. Instead of forcing it even ugly. Try not to complain

Complaining on a hiking trip is not a good thing to do. By complaining will hypnotize psychic in ourselves and can have an impact in the body. In the process of climbing should not complain even in any circumstances, it would be nice to encourage yourself and always cheerful so that the journey to climb your mountain does not feel heavy and that must be exciting. Do not throw garbage on the mountain.

Of course we do not inign the beautiful mountain valley that on giving divine to us to dirty using garbage, then do not throw garbage in the mountains. It would be nice if the garbage we produce is brought down. Follow the instructions and prohibitions of mountain attendants

Before climbing we certainly have to register first to the local mountain officials, well after we do the registration process, of course, mountain officials will put instructions and embargoes when we are on the way to climb the mountain. So obey the instructions and embargoes they impose.

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Maybe it's a mountaineering tip for beginners that I can convey. Happy climbing and remember to pray for safety to the destination.

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