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It cannot be denied, that bicycles are a fuel-efficient and free sense of transportation according to all forms of pollution, even in the exclusive situation of bicycles as a very efficient means of transportation.

Cycling activities are becoming more popular because bicycles can also function as a sense of cardio exercise, which helps nourish the body, and impressed fresh because it can explore the outdoors.

One cycling tips type of bicycle that is currently poly favored is mtb bicycle or mountain bike, because it can meet the needs of riders, both for sports, work also to school.

If you want to have this type of MTB bike, then you need to be wiser to choose according to your needs using considering the terrain you will pass, because MTB bikes have many types and each type has the same function, and requires different bicycle accessories as well. Recognize mtb bike types(Source:

It's a good idea to know the various types of MTB bikes that are commonly used and marketed today. The following are some types of MTB bikes (mountain bikes): All Mountain MTB type

This type, prioritizes comfort to explore all terrains. All Mountain Type bikes are equipped using front & rear suspension (full suspension), so it can cross rocky terrain, up and down hills, and explore forests and off road tracks. MTB Downhill Type

This type makes the terrain hilly and mountainous, so it is less comfortable and non-efficient is used on urban roads because the rider will quickly fatigue caused by wheels that are too large as a result of the wheel relationship is also very grand.

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This type of bike, made to be able to drive fast and safely on the down steep & hilly terrain, this bike has the ability to corner stab stably and can maneuver safely at high speeds. Mtb Freeride Type

This type is more geared towards being able to face high jumps and extrem requirements, the body is strong but lacks agility because it has a heavy weight, it will be quickly tiring when used long distances. Mtb Cross Country Type

This type can also be called using type XC, according to the name can be known bah this bike is indeed used to explore stably over a relatively long distance. For both asphalt and dirt ramps, this bike is very optimal to use.

Usually this type of bicycle is used for urban terrain. To reduce the impact of this bike is equipped using suspension on the front, while the rear suspension is not too crucial because the terrain traversed is relatively flat. Dirt Jump MTB Type

This type of benefits such as using BMX, this type of bicycle frame generally shows the impression of burly & sturdy, but permanently stylish. Designed to perform high and extreme jumps Mtb Cycling Basic Techniques(Source:

Mountain bikes or MTB bikes are indeed made to explore heavy terrain in the wild, such as dirt roads in the countryside, mountainous or hilly areas, rocky terrain, or forests.

This bike can also be used for a lot of interests, not only as a vehicle for adventure. However, most owners of this bicycle do use it to satisfy the hobby of exploring.
If you are a beginner who wants to explore the usual non-terrain using an MTB bike, you should try to understand in advance this type of bicycle technique.

Knowledge of these basic MTB cycling techniques will help minimize the possibility of events or accidents during cycling.

Here are the basic techniques of MTB cycling that you should consider and practice. Always consistently follow the track or path.

Decide which path you want to go through, then follow the path in focus. Wherever possible immediately remove the doubts that often come when you find obstacles in the path you have decided you want to pass.

Doubt or worry can develop as fear. The fear that you enjoy will make your concentration to overcome obstacles as a crush & result in the position of your body may be changed. This condition is likely to make you fall. Always think about what you have to do next.

Avoid too much emphasis for too long on one obstacle. Beware of the obstacles you will face next and what actions you are trying to take. Keep your distance from the cyclist in front of you

Avoid being too close to the cyclist in front of you. Because, the rear tire or back of the cyclist in front of you is very likely to take up your emphasis so that you become less concentrated and finally unable to avoid obstacles in front of you. You can get mired in a hole or hit a rock. Position yourself slightly on the right or left according to the cyclist in front of you. Change teeth to a lower position when passing sandy, watery, or muddy terrain

In addition to changing gears, the next thing you must do when you have to cross the unexpected terrain is to move the weight backwards, avoid pressing the brake lever on-on, be quiet, and continue to pedal the bike to go through obstacles. When descending a steep descent, lower the position of the bike saddle

You will have more when reacting when facing unexpected obstacles when the bike saddle is in a low position. Avoid grasping the handlebar or handlebar of an overpowered bicycle

If you do this, your surface body will tense as a result of which you get tired faster. Hold the handlebar of the bike in a relaxed way, but it is not too loose. Tips for Maintaining MTB Bikes to Be Safe to Use (Source:

Bicycle users, including MTB bikes, are obliged to always ensure that they cycle in conducive ways. Ensuring that all bicycle components in excellent condition are part based on efforts to make cycling conducive.


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