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How to maintain the safety of cycling time – Cycling is a fun activity and good for the health of the body, cycling is not just a sport, but since time immemorial has also been used to be a very effective, cheap and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, even in this recent era, which has been poly once cycling tips we find motor vehicles that are in fact faster and more practical, The presence of bicycles as a mode of transportation is still irreplaceable, especially in European countries that strongly support the use of bicycles to replace motorized mounts and to maintain environmental health.

Although cycling is a fun activity, healthy and even used to be an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, but still poly people who ignore the neat way of safety & budget cycling on the highway, so it's no wonder that the number of bicycle accidents every year is getting higher.

According to a study conducted by the U.S. National Institutes of Health over the past ten years, it shows that boys have a potential bicycle accident as much as 134.21 per 100 thousand population and the risk of fatal accidents is five.06 per 100 thousand population.

Accidents caused by the bicycle can also cause minor injuries to serious injuries, such as bruises, injuries, fractures to concussions. Therefore, it is very crucial for us to know how to maintain safety when cycling, by knowing how to maintain safety when cycling, will help us minimize the impacts according to the accident that was not desired earlier.

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How to maintain safety when cycling the first is to use always quick to use a helmet when cycling, helmets are not merely accessories that are only a complement / addition or make styles only, but the use of helmets is very important to maintain safety during cycling.

Helmets serve to protect the chairman based on unwanted collisions, as a result of which by wearing a helmet, cyclists can minimize the risk of accidents.

According to one study, about 85% of cyclists affected by accidents, died the impact of injuries to the chairman, and more than 18% of cyclists over the age of 16 died from accidents caused by not wearing a helmet.

The above research explains the importance for us to use a helmet both when traveling long and short routes.

Before choosing a helmet to wear, it is recommended for you to determine a helmet that fits the size and fits on the head, not oversized or narrow, then use a helmet using sahih and good, do not forget to tighten the helmet safety before starting cycling.

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2. Use a Suitable Bicycle Size

How to maintain safety when cycling next is to use a bicycle that is in sync with our body size, the bike itself has a poly of a kind of size, which is adjusted by the size and body shape of the user.

The size of the bicycle itself is divided into four, namely small, medium, large & x-large, these sizes can be measured according to the height of the rider, small size usually for those with height according to 152 - 165 centimeters, medium based on 162 - 175 centimeters, large make posture with a height of 172-185 centimeters and X-large from 182-195 centimeters.

Using a bicycle that is not synchronized body size, very uncomfortable, and able to be fatal when you ride it, in addition to the size of the bike, make sure also to adjust the height of the bike saddle with your height so that you are comfortable when pedaling.

3. Make Sure To Always Be Visible To Other Riders

The next way to maintain safety when cycling is to use to make sure that you always look the other rider, using a brightly colored bike and reflective surface, is a one-way error so that you can be seen on the road, especially at night.

In addition to using a brightly colored bicycle, we can also install a taillight or reflector, which is white on the front & red at the back, this tail light serves to reflect the light to find other riders and spread it to the left and right sides of the bike, as a result we can be seen based on the conducive distance by the mount and people around the world.

How to maintain safety when cycling next is to obey traffic signs, traffic signs do not only apply to motor vehicles, but also need to be obeyed by the cyclists, for cyclists themselves obey traffic signs can be done using a lot of ways, for example cycling according to the direction of traffic, or waving before wanting to turn, obey traffic lights and road markings

Cyclists also need to be aware of the car that is next to it, because we do not know when the four-wheeled vehicle will open its door or maybe the four-wheeled vehicle grazes towards us if the driver is not aware of the presence of the bicycle next to it.

In addition to complying with traffic regulations, we also need to stay away from some of the following, such as using the shoulder of the road or sidewalk that should not be used, cycling against the flow of the road, and crossing or turning without giving a warning.

five. Make sure the bike is in top condition

How to maintain safety the next cycling time is to use to check the condition of our bicycle before the trip, it is highly recommended to be able to check the physical requirements of the bike first before traveling, can be started based on checking the brakes, tires, handlebars of the bike to the chain, this is done to avoid unexpected things on the road such as broken chains, blong brakes and saggy handlebar bolts.

There are several methods that can be done to help check bicycle requirements, namely:

This one method can be said to be the fastest method to check the bike, Just 20 sk for you to do this method, ABC itself stands for Air) Brake-Brake, Chain & Control – Chaindanamp; Control, as the name implies, to start this method, you can first check the wind pressure in the tire, then try and make sure your brakes are working, finally make sure your chain & handlebars are safe.

If you have a fairly leisurely time, then you can use this one method to check the bike, only relative to three mins, you have been able to check holistically, before doing the M method yourself, you need to have several supportive senses, such as the L Key, screwdriver, and air pump.

This method can be done by ensuring the bicycle components are in the correct position and fast, then increase the wind pressure if the bicycle tire lacks air pressure.

This method is more recommended than other methods, because the checks carried out with this method are more complete and thorough.

Well..... Here are some ways to maintain safety when cycling, on driving a vehicle, safety is the number one order that must be prioritized by all riders, because it is appropriate for all of us to know the important things that must be considered when driving a vehicle.


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