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Cycling is now a hobby that is very popular among urbanites. In fact, poly has also produced bicycles as part of the lifestyle. Whether it is used as a sense of transportation to the office or recreational rides to unwind, cycling or more familiarly considered gowes, it has become a trend that is loved by modern citizens.

However, buying a bicycle should not come from choosing. This is because there are several factors that should be considered to ensure the bike purchased is really in accordance with the needs of cyclists. So, for those of you who plan to buy a mountain bike, but are afraid of choosing the wrong one because they feel they are still beginners, let's look at the following tips!

  • Collect Information About Popular Mountain Bike Brands

To broaden your horizons about mountain bikes, gather more facts about popular mountain bike brands on the market. First, try to find coverage around quality local mountain bike brands. Check any of the options, then switch to imported brands. By knowing all the information, you will certainly have more poly certificates about what brands will be suitable to be a friend of gowes.

  • Pay Attention to Bicycle Frame Size

Most people, especially those who are still beginners, are generally nervous when told to choose the perfect frame size for their body. It is commonplace because people of the same height can use different frame sizes. Plus, the size chart in each brand of mountain bike is cycling tips always the same number system. For that, if you want to know the perfect frame size, first check your height. Only after that, check the length of the inseam by taking the size based on the tip of the foot to the groin area. The results are then matched with a frame geometry table according to the brand to be purchased.

  • Check the Ideal Contact Point for the Body

This is also an important thing that you should pay attention to when you want to choose a mountain bike. So, this contact point is three points that will intersect with the cyclist's body, namely the saddle, handlebar, and pedal. For pedals, this part can be adapted to their respective tastes. However, you should choose the type of clipless pedal, which is proven to be able to increase efficient woodwork.

While creating a handlebar, whose function is to control the steering wheel, make sure the size is in sync with the width of your shoulders. Even for the selection of saddles, sometimes you cannot personally find a valid one that is really suitable. That's because the saddle that initially felt comfortable to wear in the first 20 km of the trip, could have been unsavory occupied over 40 km.

  • Choose the Right Tire Wheel

26, 27,five, & 29 inches are standard sizes of mountain bike wheels. However, the tire diameter of 27.five inches is the most popular option because many factory originals produce frames for the tire size. In addition to diameter, tire width is also an important reference when determining a mountain bike.

For example, wide tire wheels can put better acceleration when used cornering or facing steep terrain. Unfortunately, tires with a wider top will create the weight of the bike as heavier when going through the asphalt path. Also, this type of tire will make mud or other materials easily caught and trigger a collision that will affect the speed of the bike.

Thin and thick tire wheels also need to be considered. The advantage of using thin tires is that you are able to more easily maneuver while cycling. This is because the tire weight is light and easy to rotate. This type of thin tire is also generally used to take longer breaks or climb quickly. For that, make the points above as your consideration in choosing the right tire wheels.

  • Consider the Budget

To determine the perfect mountain bike, the budget is also an important point that you should consider carefully. So in this case, you must wisely choose between the best or ideal specifications. The best specifications are certainly offered at a high price, but it is always as needed, especially if you are still in the beginner class or not someone who pursues bicycles into a hobby.

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For that, you should choose a bike that is not too expensive first. Only then "move up the class" little by little, especially when you have really had a broad insight into the components of the bike.

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