Important Guidelines for Running Sports for Beginners

Running exercise that is done perfectly and regularly can be one way to burn calories and reduce the risk of some diseases. In order to aporisma, there are a number of things you need to know about preparation, running techniques, and some other crucial tips.

Although called the easiest sport, running or jogging sports still must be done using appropriately, so that the benefits of running can be generated aporisma and the risk of injury and fatigue can be minimized.

Sometimes, the fatigue of hyperbole after running is not only caused by the intensity of running that exceeds the ability, but because of running techniques or improper preparation. Preparation before running

Preparation of ideal physical condition & supporting tools before running need to be done to maximize the benefits of running, for example:

  • Eat before exercise

About 1 hour before starting running sports, it is recommended to consume culinary or drinks containing carbohydrates, such as bananas. This is especially important if your running distance is more based on 6 km.

  • Warm up

To reduce the risk of injury, warm up for at least five minutes using a light walk, on-site walk, or up and down stairs.

  • Wear sports shoes

You can start running inside a residential area, circling the park, or on a treadmill. As a beginner, wearing comfortable shoes and running for five–10 mins will be a target of synchronous duration to achieve.

  • Wear sportswear

Wear a comfortable sportswear. Especially for women able to use sports bras. Short or long sweatpants, t-shirts that are not too grand and not too tight can also be the right choice. Learn The Technique of Running using Correct

In addition to making perfect preparations, checking running techniques is also very important. Position the body in a relaxed state and non-make-up. At first it makes sense if it still feels stiff, but after getting used to it, the body will adjust naturally.

Everyone's body character & norms are different, so it's better to find your own running posture. Here is the explanation:

  • Start with walking

If you haven't exercised for a long time and want to start active home, walking can be a good start. After walking for 30 min without any obstacles, you can increase the intensity & speed.

  • Start from pause and short duration

As a beginner, avoid running too far or too long because it risks causing injury. Start using short pauses and durations that are then continuously improved.

  • Running in a valid position

Lean the body slightly forward with the position of the hand as smooth as possible. Make sure the palms are open. When doing running sports, it is better to tread the toes or toes than to rest on the heel.

  • Reduce pressure

When running, avoid jumping or bouncing movements to reduce pressure on the joints and knees, especially if you are still a beginner.

  • Concentrating body weight

Weaken the surface body because a stiff body actually makes your running slower. Focus your body weight on the middle of the body.

  • Breathe lawfully

Breathe using good technique. Inhale air through the nose, fill the space in the lungs, then release it through a slightly open verbal. Inhaling from expressions risks causing a lot of dust or foreign objects to enter the respiratory tract.

For starters, you are advised to take a distance to walk approximately 5–10 s per min. This will result in walking between runs as a good cross-training. The more often you do running sports, the muscles and joints will be better trained, so the ratio of walking and running can become less and less.

When done regularly at six months, you may already be able to run a long pause. The combination of running and walking can also help prevent fatigue and injury, and make you more calm doing running.

You are also advised to run for 15 sk and walk for 45 s repeated for 30 min. Once you get used to running, over time you will reduce walking time and increase the duration of running. Other Important Tips

There are other things that are often considered not crucial, but can actually choose the consistency of someone running. Some of the following may help you maintain a running norm:

  • Take notes

If necessary, you can record the duration and distance you travel each time you run to design the next running plan and monitor the development of your condition & stamina.

  • Join the community

You can run with hordes who also like to run so that they are permanently motivated. If possible, find friends using more or less equal abilities to strengthen each other.

  • Meet fluid needs

Relative consumption of mineral water to meet fluid needs and prevent dehydration when running.

  • Setting goals

As a beginner, running for three days a week is relative before increasing the frequency and being able to give time for your muscles to rest.

  • Adjust meal times

Do not eat heavily just before running. Heavy meals should be consumed at least 1 to 1.5 hours before running.

  • Listening to music

For some people, running while listening to music is fun and uplifting. However, make sure you don't listen to music using loud volume and run on a safe route.

  • Run slowly at the beginning

As a beginner, avoid running fast because this will actually cause the body to get tired easily.

  • Find a new route

If it feels boring, you can renew the running route. But make sure the area is easily accessible so you are not lazy to leave.

  • Cooling

Cooling movements can be done in positions such as pushing the wall using one foot on the front & one foot behind, hold for 15 seconds and repeat in the other foot.

If done consistently, running can reduce the risk of obesity, as well as chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Women can also run at any time, whether during menstruation, pregnancy, to menopause, from adjusting the intensity of running using the condition.

However, if you have just recovered according to an injury or suffer from a certain disease, try to check with your doctor first before doing running sports to avoid based on injuries or other health cases.


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