Mtb bike jumping technique -

Allowing the front wheels of MTB goweser and gowesist roll down drops is very cool if the jump-down action is short with a safe track in a track that is cycling tips not so difficult. Simultaneously using an increased range when jumping and down, if there is no smooth path then the front wheel of the MTB will land using part of the wheel is in the ground, causing the goweser & gowesist to jump far above the mountain bike frame. Another technique on this Drop off for Small Drops is to balance the front wheel and rear wheels before performing jump-down action.

Lifting the Front Wheel Manually

Previously goweser and gowesist MTB must understand & know how to lift the front wheel manually before doing a jump-down action, which creates the front wheel of a mountain bike is far above the ground along one or 2 bicycle sizes. It is worth remembering that the faster the goweser & gowesist cycling, the longer the distance of the jump-down action of the front wheel MTB.
Cycling Above Not Below
Goweser & gowesist can practice the Small Drops technique on sidewalks near the house, before performing on actual terrain.
When the front wheel of the mountain bike will jump-down, it is time to lift the front wheel manually, so that the front wheel away from the ground before reaching the end of the descent. With the position of the body tilted backwards and the foot resting on the pedal, it will make the rear wheel of the MTB land on the ground first. After the rear wheel lands move the weight forward to land the front wheel if it has not fully reached the ground. When the goweser and gowesist experience the front tire down first before the rear wheel lands, then do a little extra business to lift the front wheel or accelerate a little until it can land using the rear wheel first.
Control Landing With Both Wheels
Now it's time to see how the MTB front & rear tires reach the ground simultaneously to receive a smooth landing. In line with using the turning of the rear wheels, the derivative will make us pull the handlebars of the bicycle so that we return to the normal position of mountain biking. When the front wheel part will start to fall, it's time for us to control the weight so that the front and rear wheel positions land at the same time.
Adapt in the Face of Various Drops

Downhill drops goweser & gowesist require aggressiveness in lifting the front wheel mtb manually. For larger drops will be needed balance in the air, where slow in moving weight forward so that the front wheels do not jump-down too far before landing. If cycling using a flat pedal should press the toes down and point the foot back to hold the rear wheel. If the jump-down action starts in a flat lane but lands on a drop then reduce aggressiveness in lifting the front wheel manually. Landing in a descent path is easier than inside on a flat track.
Wheelie-Style Tricks using Mountain Bikes
It's how to do wheelie style (pedaling using raised front wheels) with a mountain bike.

The key to the trick is in the right time & balance, with diligent practice you will be able to master it. It is recommended that this style be tried on a homogeneous and soft top such as grass & in a large open area.
First of all, lift the front wheels to start the wheelie. You need to use weight to lift the front wheels instead of just pulling to 2 arms. So start by bringing the chest closer to the handlebars, then throwing by swinging the weight backwards to the saddle again. This will cause the front wheels to lift according to the ground. Practice continuously until you receive the right moment and can consistently lift the front wheel 10-20 cm based on the ground without pedals.
Here, you need to proceed to the pedal kick, where you channel more power in the rear wheel to force the front wheel to lift. So while sliding, put the majority foot in such a position that you can kick down the pedal.
Now, it's all about when. You need to press down on the pedal immediately you are swung the weight backwards, so just before both arms become straight because of throwing the load backwards you need to press the pedal down. This is the best time to lift the front wheel into the air.
Now you have lifted the front wheel into the air. There are two things you might need to do. If you feel like you want to fall backwards, you can brake the rear wheel to lower the front wheel. If the front wheel does not rise high enough then you can continue to press the pedal or you are able to move the weight even further through the rear wheel, if both do not work then you may need to practice when the perfect time kicks the pedal.


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