Tips for Climbing a Mountain for Anyone

Tips for Climbing a Mountain for Anyone – So, you want to climb the mountain? Is this the first or has it been before?

Whether it's the first one or how many times, it's not the intention of patronizing, but every thing needs to be prepared before starting, right?

Even those who are pros will be wretched if without perfect preparation. Tips on climbing this mountain is deliberately written at least to complement the various kinds of mountain climbing tips that already exist, which have been written.

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Tips on climbing this mountain I wrote based on the collective experience of me and my fellow climbers who have not disappointed often climb.

Some mountaineering tips I also got based on Q&A websites & forums like Quora & Reddit. However, most of the content of this article comes from my actual climbing experience is still too shallow.

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After matching the various mountain climbing tips that exist from all of them, including from me exclusively, then it's good to collect and write them all over into one container; This article is the result.

P.S. This Mountain Climbing Tips Article Contains 4000+ Words when I ask my opinion on this, for me climbing the mountain is "a glamorous satisfaction to do as a young man."

Although your right to decide to go up the mountain after the old rada later. But that is, climbing the mountain is a satisfaction.

Luxury satisfaction does not mean you have to buy expensive climbing equipment so that the 'suffering' when going up the mountain will be minimally felt, buy luxurious supplies, and so on. That's not the case.

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Regardless of the pain that we will definitely feel later, the process of reaching zenit & arriving at the residence using congratulations is the essence of climbing the mountain. And regardless of whether or not we reach zenit, going home using congratulations is still number 1.

And others; A little picture of life's struggles, natural beauty, cohesiveness, and concern for others and nature will feel so when climbing the mountain.

When climbing a mountain, whoever you are and wherever you come from is not crucial. Should you go up that mountain? Mount Merapi, Meadows, and Edelweiss Flowers

'Mandatory' is not the right term. Pay taxes, throw garbage in its place, it just has to be. You never have to climb a mountain.

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Climbing the mountain is just an option; the choice I think you need to make if you want to know the 'glamorous satisfaction' I meant earlier.

Don't make the invitation of friends, narcissism on Instagram and other public media, prestige, and other things as 'things' that make you feel obliged to climb the mountain.

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Believe me, you won't look cool if your motivation for climbing is just the things that were just mentioned earlier.

Make climbing a mountain a choice you make with complete enlightenment because you believe in that choice, not as an obligation.

In this way, climbing the mountain will feel much more delicious on all the suffering that exists later. Before Climbing a Mountain: 15 Things to Remember

Before going inside basically (re: tips on climbing the mountain), a little 'pleasantries' again, & again not the intention to patronize, here are some things that must be remembered before climbing the mountain.

1. Don't set to go up the mountain just because of the invitation of friends, prestige, for the sake of cool photos for Instagram and other public media, and other similar things.

two. Avoid picking Edelweiss flowers and various other natural 'furniture' that do not need to be disturbed, which you will undoubtedly find during the hike later.

3. Think about your physical weaknesses, illness, & when the moon arrives. If you feel that it is impossible to climb, do not climb.
Even though you have bought tickets, prepared all the equipment, and have promised with the group, if you can't afford it, don't force it.
Explain your condition to your entourage friends, they must understand.

4. Make sure you don't climb alone. Getting into the group or having some climber friends during the climb will be much more influential based on safety, motivation, and other survival aspects.
Although climbing alone is not entirely dangerous, it's a good idea to have at least one climber friend who climbs with you.

five. Collect news about the mountain that will be climbed as much as possible. Although you will be briefed before climbing later, this will make you much better prepared in terms of knowledge about the terrain, path, level of travel, when traveling, distance between posts, and so on. This will certainly be very valuable to you directly during the climb.

6. The mountain is not a garbage site. Take your trash down! At basecamp also on the exclusive hiking trail is always provided a place to dispose of garbage climbing residues. Take advantage of that to get rid of your trash during the climb.
Prepare a minimum of plastic or trash bag to hold your garbage, and bring it down after finishing climbing.

7. Get to know the weather. The most appropriate time to climb is around June-August. But it will depend on each year.
The dry and rainy seasons actually have the same risk, but it is recommended when the weather is clear and not too dry and when it is not raining.

8. Miss the coverage of mystical stories on the mountain to be climbed. If you are not bitter or paranoid, miss this point too.

9. Climb with at least one person who has climbed more often or has experienced. He will be very helpful, believe me.

10. It's worth figuring out any flaws, & how to fix them. Jogging, calm roads, and other sports will greatly help increase stamina and train body convoys. Also provide the expected medicines if you are easily sick and tired.

11. Never underestimate your ascent. The mountain you will climb and everything around it should never be underestimated. This is important!

12. Climb only when you are ready; both physical, mental, & equipment. But don't forget, items that are less expected to be carried, will only increase the heavy load in the carrier.

13. Say goodbye to family, relatives, to kosan friends. If parents forbid, try to undo the intention to climb.
Without sincere permission based on parents, nothing will go well. Tell me when you're coming home. This will also help contact them if something happens to you.

14. Bring id card or other identity card. One is relative, whichever is. This is IMPORTANT!!

15. Pray. Tips on climbing this mountain will not be complete without revealing this term. Everything belongs to Him, including yourself and the nature you will visit. So pray for His blessing and protection.

All of the above are just short points that have been arranged to be easy to remember.

In practical terms, maybe everything will change drastically, based on you. Now let's go to the details, based on technical aspects. Tips for Climbing the Mountain: What to Prepare Before Climbing

Now you have established yourself & planning to start the climb. You also have a group, and you also know the mountain that will be climbed through all the coverage you have read.

You have also said goodbye to your parents and colleagues. So accordingly let's go to the next stage; Tips on climbing the mountain based on equipment. Prepare Equipment

This is obvious, is a mandatory step.

Without complete equipment (which is mandatory to be equipped), the climb will feel more uncomfortable and even threatened.

Here are the important equipment that must be prepared, I go to 2 parts, namely Priority & Others: Mountain Climbing Equipment: Priority1. CarrierNatgeo


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