5 Ways to Get Rid of Laziness to Get Back Productive

Lazy Causes That Should Be Known

Laziness is a bad habit. Therefore, this habit should be eliminated. Here's how to get rid of laziness that you can do so you can get back to being productive.

How to get rid of laziness? This question is usually asked by someone who realizes that he has wasted too much time, but has not been able to get out of his comfort zone.

Laziness is a bad habit. If left alone, laziness can have an impact on yourself and others. Feelings can even cause a variety of losses.

For example, someone who is lazy to work. Then he will get a loss in the form of not getting income. If this is continuously done, it can disrupt the economic stability of the family.

Lazy Causes That Should Be Known

Laziness did not just appear. In satupersen.net, there are at least three things that cause laziness. Here's the explanation.

1. The plan is too big

The cause of someone feeling lazy is because the plans are made too high. Why can this cause laziness? Because generally when you have a big plan, you only focus on the big goal and often forget the important things in it. Therefore, you just fixate on the results and forget the process.

For example, when you go to school and want to get a score of 100. So generally you will only focus on the number 100 and forget about the process to get that number. As a result, you will find it difficult to achieve this and often cause boredom in achieving these goals.

2. Expect everything to be perfect

In achieving a goal, we will definitely go through a long process. And the results obtained from this long process are not always perfect. But when you have high expectations for everything to work out perfectly, that thought can actually make you lazy.

For example, on a test you hope to get a score of 100 easily. But it turns out, when the test arrives, you find that you get a very difficult question and you only get a score of 70. Seeing this reality, makes you lazy to study because you think you are not capable.

3. Too much listening to other people's criticism

Sometimes we need criticism and suggestions from others in order to develop into a better person. However, if you listen to criticism too often, it can be a cause of laziness.

Criticism that makes us feel inferior is known as non-constructive criticism. We should avoid or do not need to listen to criticism like this. Because if we listen too much, we will not develop ourselves and cannot achieve the goals we dream of.

How to Overcome Laziness?

How to Overcome Laziness

Laziness should not be left alone. Strive ourselves to fight laziness in order to be more productive. According to an explanation on alodokter.com, here are some ways to fight laziness.

1. Doing physical activity

Laziness can arise because we find it difficult to focus. To restore focus, you can try doing physical activity in the middle of the activity. For example, take a leisurely stroll during your lunch break.

A study says that physical activity or exercise can make a person's mind focus. Thus, you become more excited and the feeling of laziness disappears. Not only that, exercise can also improve long-term concentration abilities.

2. Doing meditation

Meditation is a way to get rid of laziness that can be done in a relatively short time. You can meditate at a certain time, for example in the morning or during a break from work. Meditation is believed to make us more concentrated.

In addition, meditation also makes us calmer and can manage emotions well. One of the meditation techniques that you can do is Kundalini meditation.

3. Get enough rest

Laziness is not only owned by those who are already working. Students also often feel lazy. One way to not be lazy to study is to get enough rest.

However, the human body needs rest time to return to normal. Therefore, it is very important for us to apply an adequate rest pattern which is about 7-9 hours per day. By getting enough sleep or rest, the body will feel fresher, not tired, and not lazy to do activities.

4. Channeling hobbies

Everyone may have different preferences. Fun activities that are carried out in free time on a continuous basis can be referred to as hobbies. Usually hobbies are done in free time, but in some cases, channeling hobbies can eliminate laziness.

By routinely doing hobbies, then we will feel happier, have a lot of motivation, and enjoy life. Therefore, hobbies can be one way to get rid of laziness.

5. Fight boredom

The next way to get rid of laziness is to fight boredom. Everyone must have felt bored when doing something. These feelings can trigger laziness which makes us unproductive. Therefore, in order not to be lazy we need to fight boredom.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with boredom. For example, if you are tired of studying from home, try studying outside or studying with friends. With a new atmosphere, boredom can disappear and you avoid laziness.

6. Enjoy nature

How to overcome laziness which is also easy to do is to enjoy the natural scenery. Research shows that enjoying nature by looking at plants, such as trees, meadows, or flowers, can restore enthusiasm and make the mind clearer.

If you don't have time to go to a place with a natural view, you can replace it by placing a plant pot near your desk.

Laziness can also arise because the body is not in excellent condition. Therefore, change your lifestyle to be healthier, such as drinking lots of water, avoiding sugary and high-fat foods, eating high-protein foods, and quitting smoking.

Feeling lazy that occasionally appears, for example due to fatigue, is normal. However, if the feeling of laziness is prolonged and accompanied by difficulty sleeping, lack of appetite, or even suicidal thoughts, it could be a sign or symptom of depression. Immediately consult a doctor or psychologist.


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