Tips to Improve Performance in the Office, Be More Productive

Tips to Improve Performance in the Office, Be More Productive

In a company, employees are an important resource. Employees are said to be productive if they can work consistently, produce a good performance, and always experience improvement.

One day has passed, but you feel you have nothing meaningful to do at the office. Even though you start the day with a series of to-do lists. But none of the tasks you managed to cross out. Or maybe you do many things but don't produce anything great.

As a result, you feel guilty for going through the day unproductively. In the long run, this can affect your office performance. But don't worry, the following tips can help you be more productive and increase your performance.

1. Learn to manage stress

Learn to manage stress

Many do not realize stress can affect a person's physical and psychological condition. For example, stress that occurs in a short time may not provide significant changes to the body. But in the long term, this risks triggering mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, as well as causing a decline in health conditions.

Therefore, stress needs to be managed properly. Do various activities that can reduce stress, from taking vacations and hobbies to simple things like meditating. Most importantly, change the point of view and paradigm to be more objective. Because they determine how we behave and react to everything.

2. Gather with high performers

It is undeniable that the environment plays an important role in a person's life. Therefore, a selective attitude in choosing friends is very necessary. You need to surround yourself with people who can lead you in a better direction.

Being among them allows you to learn many things. You can explore how they work, what makes their work so effective and efficient, and why they are high-performers. You can apply this knowledge discipline so that your performance increases significantly.

3. Arrange tasks based on the priority scale

It seems impossible to pass the day without the work piling up. It's also impossible to finish it overnight unless you are willing to work overtime and sacrifice hours of rest at night. But clearly, this is not the right choice. However, health should still be a top priority.

So start the day by making a to-do list. Arrange tasks based on the priority scale. The task closest to the deadline should clearly be the top priority, followed by the task that takes the most attention. For heavy tasks, you can break them down into smaller tasks to make them easier to complete.

Immediately cross out the successfully completed tasks. The goal is to give you a sense of satisfaction and motivation, and enthusiasm to complete the next tasks.

4. Avoid multitasking. Focus on doing one task before completing another one

Avoid multitasking.

Maybe you think doing several tasks at the same time will increase productivity. But the fact is not so. Instead, this actually increases your chances of making mistakes.

In addition, the results inscribed when multitasking clearly won't be as good as if you focus on one task at a time. It's also not impossible for you to take longer to complete these tasks.

5. Don't force your body. Get enough rest

Today, the culture of hard work or hustle culture is echoed in the community. No wonder some people cut their rest time in a day to get work done. Even some of them think that sleep is a form of laziness.

However, this habit is bad in the long run. Not only on health but also indirectly on the level of productivity. Without proper health, the body's capacity to work optimally decreases. Over time, our physical condition drops, making us more susceptible to getting sick.

6. Create a good work environment

Create a good work environment

One of the factors that affect employee productivity is the work environment. Therefore, providing a good work environment will increase employee productivity in the company.

The work environment referred to here includes work facilities, work atmosphere, interaction with fellow employees, work security, and safety. That way, employees will always feel comfortable and optimistic at work.

7. Create a get-together event

Employee productivity is also influenced by how they build relationships and interact. For example, employees can build relationships by participating in events held by the company. With this, the company can convey its vision and mission and listen to opinions and suggestions from employees.

Make an event that is fun and has the value of togetherness. Events can be in the form of eating together, going to tourist attractions, or outbound. This event doesn't need a big budget and can be held on holidays or weekends.

As a result, the kinship and togetherness relationship between the company and its employees will be closer, thus supporting employee productivity.

Improving performance is not the same as doing many tasks in a short time. However, it refers to the quality of the work produced and how work is done to achieve it. By applying the tips above, you will become more efficient and a high-performer who performs well in the office.


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